THE Major League Body PLAN

Once the initial weight loss goals are met, you progress to our Major League Body Plan. This is a three phase plan created to help you gradually adjust to better eating habits over time. The phases change every three weeks because it takes about 21 days to change a habit. So we work behind the scenes to help you make small, but effective changes to your eating. Also, changing the phases every three weeks may help to keep your metabolism from adjusting and avoid those weight loss plateaus.

The Power Phase

Gain more energy by switching carbs and optimizing nutrients.

The plan consists of the Power phase where you are reintroduced to healthier carbs that will feed your body with energy and avoid spikes in your blood sugar. Exercises and physical activities recommended in this stage take advantage of your increased energy for maximum results.

The Building Phase

Build and tone muscle while burning more fat.

Next is the Building phase, designed to supply your body with higher amount of proteins for muscle tone and appetite control as you progress thru the plan. The fitness recommendations in this phase emphasize muscle building and toning.

The Target Phase

The final phase. Continue to lose weight while preparing to it off.

The final phase is the Target phase. This is the ultimate goal and it is where we want you to be. This phase sets you up for a lifetime of healthy habits and proper eating. Gradually we bring you to eating proper portions of healthier foods along with a balanced fitness plan to complement this phase.

From the Target phase you transition into Maintenance where you now have developed the habits and gained the necessary tools to achieve a lifetime of healthy eating and Weight Success!

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